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Further web resources about randomization and random numbers
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1   Link   Random.org
random.org: this site provides access to real random numbers. You will also find an essay that addresses the question, why a random number may considered to be true.
2   Link   CTrueRandom - Getting True Random Numbers
Dominik Reichl developed a C++ class that provides access to the random numbers from random.org. You find it on CodeProject.
3   Link   Randomisation in clinical trials
An article about "Randomisation in clinical trials" by Elaine M. Beller, Val Gebski and Anthony C. Keech.
4   Link   Randomizer.org
Another site about generating series of random numbers: Randomizer.org
5   Link   Algorithms for randomness in the behavioral sciences
You may also find this paper interesting: "Algorithms for randomness in the behavioral sciences: A tutorial."
6   Link   C++ Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator
The Mersenne Twister is a random number generator used in RQube. You may find a C++ port of the Mersenne Twister at Jasper Bedaux's web site.

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