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History of Changes, released at 2007-11-27

  • Correct interpretation of rarely used restricitons.
  • Graphical user interface supports more than 10 levels.
  • Fixed problem with invalid output paths.
  • Fixed minor bug: RQube crashed when editing an constraint that did not exist.
  • Corrected parts of the introduction video., released at 2007-10-24

  • RQube closed only the main window but not the whole application., released at 2007-10-05

  • Fixed overflow bug when reading large tryout numbers from configuration files, 2007-10-05

  • Larger tryout numbers
  • The RQube Wizard allows the user may specify Level constraints.


  • Trying to specify a saving location the program crashed when the user selected a removable drive


Date: February, 2007

  • RQube has finally reached release 1.0.

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